CardioBOUNCE™ Volume 1
CardioBOUNCE™ Volume 1
$ 39.99

Product Description

Includes: DVD, CD & Choreography Notes

CardioBOUNCE™ is a 55 minute safe, fun, and energetic class that uses a rebounder (looks like a mini trampoline). This rebounder allows you the benefits of high impact cardio without any impact at all, making it easy on the knees, ankles, and lower back. Cardio intervals are mixed with strength training set to motivating music to give you an energized total body workout.

CardioBOUNCE™ is interval training at its best. This program utilizes the features of the rebounder to provide great powerful muscle conditioning segments mixed with high energy cardio while keeping your joints safe. Easy to learn and teach, CardioBOUNCE™ comes prechoreographed with a DVD, CD, and Choreography notes. Awesome music orginally from Power Music and now Muscle Mixes Music, will keep you and your class motivated. You are free to add your own personality and modify any part of the workout.